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Orders Now Not Guaranteed for Christmas Delivery - please order a gift pack to take the prints on Christmas Day

Fingerprints, hand and footprints, drawings and writing from the person you love and captured in a fine silver charms, pendants, keyrings or cufflinks. Handmade by qualified and fully trained professionals, Pickle & Pumpkin was established in 2008. Everything we do is bespoke, personalised and unique.  It takes us 14 days from receiving your prints to complete your order, but this will be longer in the run up to Christmas.                                                                     
Existing Christmas Orders
 We need all prints returned by 4th December to have Christmas Delivery. After this date they are not guaranteed for Christmas Delivery.
 We close on 19/12/18 until 4/1/19
Our Qualifications
is a fully trained and qualified Silver Instructor certified by Art Clay World Guild, which means that she is qualified to teach others to produce beautiful, handcrafted jewellery.

Our Process
We work with a high quality moulding compound that allows fingerprints to be captured in fine silver. Little Hand and Footprints, drawings, children's writing and animal paw prints, shrunk in size and transformed into stunning silver pieces.

We will work with your unique prints to create a beautiful keepsake for you.
Antonia and her team are very passionate about her business and the jewellery we produce which is shown in our customer testimonals.