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Christmas gift pack for Hand and Foot Large Heart Pendant

  • £5500

Missed our deadline to get the jewellery made for Christmas ?  This gift pack contains everything you need to give on Christmas day - a gift voucher and kit so you can take the prints on christmas day and your finished jewellery will be made in January.


 No jewellery can now be produced for Christmas Day, so this is the only option we can offer.

Fine silver heart pendant with space to engrave childs name and date of birth or age on the back of the charm. Supplied on a 16" necklace. Thickness of pendant is 1.5mm. You can have up to two images on the front of the charm (for example 2 feet, 2 hands, 1 hand & 1 foot ect).

You can either paint your child's hand and/or footprints. Alternatively, we can supply a special mess free, non toxic, inkless wipe kit at an additional cost of £5.00. The kit contains full instructions, together with one piece of sensitised paper and a wipe for you to use. Once you have wiped your child's hand or foot with the wipe, you place this on the sensitised paper and as if by magic, a hand or foot print appears! Once we receive the prints we will complete you order in around 14 days

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